Why join us?

5 Reasons to attend the EAHIL 2023 Workshop

EAHIL is dedicated to increasing personal and professional development through collaboration, knowledge exchange and networking amongst those who work in medical and health libraries or information services. We continue to have to work more efficiently, and to embrace new roles, with diminishing resources. After a few extra-challenging years during the pandemic, we need more than ever to reflect on who we are as a profession, who we want to be, what the barriers are for development and what we can actively do to overcome these barriers.

The objectives of the workshop in Trondheim are to provide the delegates with new skillsets and good opportunities for networking, but we also want to work on “the big picture” ideas and embracing new roles. Our workshop will be an in-person event, but we hope to offer online streaming of the keynotes. 

Why should you come to Trondheim in June 2023?

These are five reasons to join us:

  1. Opportunity to share something exciting you have been working on or a best practice you have developed – either by submitting your contribution or discussing with colleagues more informally.
  2. Get new ideas on sustainability, technology and learning in libraries and information services
  3. Networking and relationship building. Learning from each other and pooling resources together is vital to develop new services and new skillsets.
  4. Understanding current issues within the health library and information service domain.
  5. Improving your skills through our continuing education courses and workshops.