The EAHIL 2023 workshop will be take place in the historic city Trondheim, Norway 12-16 June 2023 (main dates for workshop activities being 14-16 June). The EAHIL workshops and conferences usually host 250-350 delegates, normally ranging from librarians and advisers to senior library management and directors – and even faculty members and students. Delegates are usually from Europe, but some might be from Asian countries, Australia, USA, and Canada. The main venue for the workshop is Gløshaugen Campus of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The main theme of the workshop is “Radical positive change agents”. The content of the workshops will include subjects like building new skillsets, cutting out or down on redundant activities and tasks, power structures, activism and team structure, changing cultures, embracing diversity, teaching and support through digital learning materials, working in a multidisciplinary environment, and sustainability in libraries.

If you provide knowledge, services and/or products within the academic and/or medical sector and/or these themes – that you deem important for libraries, universities, and hospitals in the change process – you should consider becoming a sponsor/exhibitor at the EAHIL 2023 workshop.

You will find information about our sponsorship packages and options on this page. Read them through before filling out the sponsor registration form. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding sponsorships at eahil2023@videre.ntnu.no


You will have to cover your travel and hotel expenses yourself. However, the organisers may help you find hotels that suit your budget.

If you withdraw as a sponsor later than 6 weeks before the workshop, you must pay 50% of the agreed price to cover our costs. If you withdraw later than 3 weeks before the conference, you must pay 100% of the agreed price.

If the sponsorships/sponsor packages are too expensive for your company, you have the option to register as a delegate and add the right to be a ‘walk-in-agent’ (maximum one delegate from each company at EUR 1,000 + VAT (in addition to the delegate fee)). Walk-in-agents can meet the delegates and hold one-to-one meetings at the venue, and book meeting rooms if needed and available (priority after the sponsors – 4).

Sponsorship options and add-ons

There are some options available to you, if you are not going to be present as sponsor in the exhibition or want to add to your chosen package:

  • Possibility to provide a reusable/sustainable water bottle with logo to all delegates; EUR 1,000
  • Possibility to provide a reusable/sustainable cup for coffee/tea with logo to delegates; EUR 500
  • Sponsoring Lunch and coffee breaks for 1 day (3 available); EUR 1,000

All amounts are exclusive of VAT (25%)

If you have other needs or thoughts on the sponsorships, or want to discuss a sponsorship of EAHIL 2023, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Sponsor packages

(2 available)
(5 available)
Representatives (incl. reception, lunches, and conference dinner) Up to 4 Up to 3 Up to 2
Logo on screen at start of each session X
Designated space for a roll up in the main auditorium (where plenary sessions are held) * X
Sponsoring the Conference Dinner at the Scandic Nidelven hotel * X
The opportunity to hold a product presentation/demonstration as part of the programme Up to 15 mins ** Up to 10 mins **
Session sponsorships (presented as session sponsor before a session) 3-5 sessions ** 1-2 sessions **
Exhibition space (stand with table and chairs (according to number of representatives) and access to wireless network and electric socket(s))* Up to 4 x 2 m, priority 1 on placing Up to 3 x 2 m, priority 2 on placing Up to 2 x 2 m
Information on the EAHIL 2023 website * Linked logo/name, description (max 30 words) Linked logo/name Logo/name
Information in the EAHIL 2023 App * Logo, name and information Logo, name and information Name and information
Booking room at the venue for one-to-one meetings and presentations/demonstrations outside of the programme (depending on availability) Guaranteed room if booked at least one week before the conference. Priority 1 during conference Priority 2 during conference Priority 3 during conference
Possibility to scan delegates QR code to get contact information X X X
Announcement of exhibition before breaks X X X
The right to meet and hold one-to-one meetings with delegates at the venue X X X
Price (EUR exclusive of VAT (25%)) 15,000 7,500 2,500

* We agree on the practicalities (how, where etc.) during our discussions.
** When the programme is official (around 15 March 2023), we get in touch and finalise the details. Number of session sponsorships might change within the given amount based on the total number of sessions in the final progra