WORKSHOP // 12–16 June // Trondheim, Norway


EAHIL // 2023

Welcome to Trondheim

Welcome to EAHIL 2023, an active, energetic and lively workshop with oral presentations, keynotes, meetups and, of course, actual workshops. We will have plenty of networking opportunities and social events, too – all in the historic, beautiful city of Trondheim.  

Aerial photo of Nidaros Cathedral and Trondheim

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Photo: Mykola Ksenofontov/Visit Trondheim

Trondheim is the host city of EAHIL 2023. The city is located in the heart of Norway. Trondheim is described as a big village or a small city, being the third largest city in Norway with its 180.000 inhabitants.

Trondheim was Norway’s first capital city, founded more than 1000 years ago, in 997 – but now, instead of Viking raiders and Hanseatic traders, visitors can find jazz musicians and an international student body enjoying Trondheim’s city life.

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EAHIL // 2023